Who are we ?

Ibiza-Moda is a family business dedicated to selling fashion items and accessories. Born in the Balearic islands in a natural and prominent surroundings, create and design products in a balance between the handmade and the newest.

His inspirations and modern concept is a reflection of a lifestyle based on core values ​​such as respect, sustainability and love of art.

Corporate philosophy 

Our philosophy is based on offering products of quality that may capture, at its best, the style of the person wearing it. To achieve this, we use natural materials such as semi-precious stones, wood or precious metals, all to reflect the soul of the wearer.

It is the mark of a new identity, a new era. Capturing the essence of every object and material from which each are made. Our jewellery section highlights a multitude of hand-made products made by real craftsmen. As our attempts to set new trends in our textile section, integrating different styles to the tastes of all our customers.

Be Eco & Fair trade : Ecological Consciousness and ethical production

All of our items are made in factories labeled "fair trade". Fair trade is the way to promote in our factories rejection of child labor, a commitment to quality and the promotion of sustainable production.

In this sense, no chemicals are used and not pollute the environment, trying to recycle the most waste produced. We use almost entirely natural products, such as cotton, wool, silk and leather. Similarly, we try to avoid the most, in our productions, all petroleum products.

Through this business model, Ibiza-Moda aims to reflect objectives and actions related to an environmental commitment, both to its customers and its own staff.