Does this article ...  may you have it in the color or size ..?  

The colors and sizes correspond to eligible range from storage. Unfortunately variations that are not listed are not available. They are usually available within 1-2 months. An exception is our discontinued items (in the category "Sales"). These items are not re-commissioning.

Can I reserve items that are not available at the moment?

Unfortunately as customer is not possible. We recommend visiting occasionally
to see if the products are back in stock. If you have an account as a wholesale buyer, you can always contact our personalized attention and place their orders with reference numbers that already knows.

Am I looking for .... have a gem of its kind ... or have stocked in your future?

Our assortment is fully visible in our online store. We have other items that are in our stores. If you think that the article, which is not found, you are interested in and may be of interest to other clients, welcome your suggestions with pleasure.

Why I can not redeem my voucher?

Our vouchers can be entered and redeemed only 1 time per person. Maybe it has already introduced its worth. Therefore it can not redeem again. All their vouchers are visible in your account in