If you are an individual freelancer or a company dedicated to selling trendy clothes and all kinds of accessories, this page may certainly be very comfortable when making purchases for your business.

Register with a valid e-mail adress and choose a password of acces to our web. Contact us at our wholesale department, register a message with your business name and location and a phone number. Having applied for registered wholesale buyer. You will receive a confirmation email from our customer service and get access to the full range of our products as much as a regular customer or wholesale buyer.

You will can directly, from your account, access to our wholesale prices, of the full range of our products. We consider wholesale, if you buy a total of more than 30 pieces, for the first time. Then no minimum is demanded.

A simple way to compare and check unbeatable prices of our products, taking into account the quality, authenticity and originality of themselves.

Prices focused directly on every qualified vendor, a tool simple and very effective work, which will be of great use in terms of time saved and confidence that you have done business. Our experience in carefully selected craft products worldwide and made ​​hand, guarantees the quality of our products.

Also the entire team of Ibiza-Moda will be pleased to guide you and inform you about the meaning and origins of different materials. Proximity offer treatment to all our wholesale customers, to establish a framework of trust and durability.

We look forward to your application for membership as a wholesale buyer.                                                                                                       




The team Ibiza-Moda